There is an order in the universe ruling over everything from Adam to the solar system. Awakening a trust in this new order has called forth new efforts to synthesize the different methods used throughout the ages to understand it. Somewhere between the microscopic and the macroscopic we look for keys that could put our word into logical perspective. I believe that the signs of numbers can provide formulas that help clarify the evolving pattern of existence on Earth.

Although these numbers carry mystery, they also proceed in an orderly and practical way. The numbers involved in names and birthdays enigmas of individuality and personality. The patterns of function and faith are carried through life by every human being. I invite you to experiment with this combination of ancient formulas and modern applications. The blueprint of one's life reveals step by step from birth to death what that life should express, indicating the pitfalls and successes by a series of numbers. 

We are all born at a certain date, hour and minute into earth's field of energy. The conditions and vibrations of that energy field determine to a great extent the particular actions and reactions that will rule over our lives. We are conditioned by the basic set of vibrations that were active when we took our first breath. The birthday provides the pattern which we call the Life Lesson

The name given at birth transcribes into numbers by use of the number letter code has been used since ancient times. This provides the three vibrations we call the soul number, the outer personality number and the path of the destiny number of a given individual. 

By placing the name and birth date formula on the blueprint, we are provided with the key to the incarnation a soul has chosen for the attainment of certain goals. Your numbers tell the state of consciousness which you have reached and record the growth of your soul as well. One's personal numbers are not isolated clues, but like all phenomenon are interlocking pieces in the vast puzzle of existence. 

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