"Mediation allows us to relax on deeper levels through which a sense of
 peace and expanded vision of oneself may begin to pervade in mind, heart and body." 
- Swami Rama

We cannot quite define music, though we often think of it as a form of amusement. Yet music is a concept far beyond that. It is a creative sound of nature that whispers coordinated rhythms to us. This feeling is best received by those who are immersed in the present moment of awareness by attending to their true self. Music then magnetically pulls us towards the a natural centeredness.

Music emerges from the subtle spring of the Cosmic Instruments. Devotional music is one genre dedicated to the presence that awakes these rhythms  It sweetens the sound further when sung by a devotee with love. it colors the atmosphere, creating ripple effects. This type of music goes beyond a mere system. It is a form of surrender.

Devotion is often identified with love, prayer or religious sentiment. It is, however, none of these. Devotion is invigorating spirit that underlies its utterances, making it meaningful. When this same spirit is absent, worship becomes mere hypocrisy.

It has been said that the object of spirituality is the attainment of union with the Supreme Soul. Meeting God means meeting first with his music. In spiritual lore this process is called Anahat nad. The term anahat, in Sanskrit means "unstuck." Master Musicians like Beethoven felt that music provided the bridge between heaven and earth, the spiritual life and sensual life.

Therefore, prayers must have deep sense of longing (Birhaa) in the yearning of the individual soul for union with the Universal Soul from which it may feel separated. The longing of God is to be kindled by the soul who feels the pain of separation. Music is an excellent conduit for this process towards totality. 

Then we add mantras, which is the repetition of statements or prayers so that these vibrations may be firmly anchored into the Earth to help in manifesting what we ask for. 

Finally, we combine our music & mantra to create ceremonies. Ceremonies assist in the diverse account of different methods of invocation. These worded invocations can also be accompanied by candles and incense. Worded invocation, when given dynamically and with a powerful intent and the expectation that all we are calling forth shall manifest, is very important. These songs and visualizations must be generated by the true loving nature from the pure soul within. This allows us to feel the nature of unconditional love to make this active in our ceremonies. The combination and integration of various Divine powers are invoked to produce tremendous healing. We are light and love as is God. As the purification of this truth passes through the consciousness of the individual, it removes the inner causes of disease and maladjustment. The effects automatically disappear. 

I invite to you to contact me via email to learn how to make music a spiritual experience in your life. Through these simple teachings, you can transform the old life you've known for the true life of your own true heart.