Ravindar Kaur
Guiding Light Meditation is a clear simple vision to bring an easy form of meditation to each individual so they can live a life in an effortless state to connect with the simple truths of life.

The science of succeeding in your life's purpose means using meditation as a guiding light. We do this by:
  • Attending to the Divine Light within and making that as a purpose to create security, faith and patience to tolerate ourselves and others. 
  • Showing practical applications of simple techniques that could lead an individual to connect to the mansion of their vast creative powers. As we connect to this, it opens a fountain of information that comes through us to discover all that you have have been waiting for, what you have come here on this plane of existence to do and the details of your longing.
  • Learning to manifest your destiny through different techniques. One or two of these will fit your life task, just like attaining a perfect key. By unlocking your internal blockages, you find peace in living from the place of fulfillment and attaining a feeling of abundance from within. 
  • Guided Meditations bring healing to our bodies, our Earth and our Universe. This makes each one of us realize the All Knowing, All Seeing Divine in each petal of existence is here to support us. It may not always seem like this, but it is the truth. 

I aim to help individuals attain this realization by practicing and trusting meditation overall. Join me in developing a healing atmosphere for 2019.